Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Things For Wings Order

A couple of weeks ago Avian Avenue had their big Sidewalk Sale, in which many vendors offered great sales.

I ordered from Things For Wings and Avian Organics, but due to the Canada Post strike the shipments were delayed. I was so excited to receive my Things For Wings ( parcel today!

The whole order:

First the lovies toys:
Tisket Tasket, Little Grass Basket x2:

Busy Basket x2:

Circle Of Shred and a Palm Fan:

Sweetheart Rose and Super Slim Slab Stacks Cottonwood:

6-inch Cholla Perch x2 and 5.5" Platform Perch x2:

I am in love with these platform perches!!! So cute!

And Chewy's toys! Medium Willow Wood Snuggly, Mojo, Flounder, and Grape Escape:

And free gifts!:

I also ordered an adorable, hand-painted sign for my dad for Father's Day, which I neglected to take a photo of. It is absolutely perfect and he (and I) loves it!

I highly recommend Things For Wings!

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