Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Food vs. Bath

I got home from work this evening and, as usual, I cooked the birdies' dinner right away. As I served it to everyone, I also set a dish of water on top of the big lovie cage for the lovies to splash in.

I find it funny how they all act differently when faced with FOOD! and BATH! at the same time.

Leyla flew straight to the dish and splashed around for a bit, then went off to destroy toys and continue building her "nest". She is the least hunger-driven of the three, and she is also very nesty right now so has been super destructive.

Rigby took a couple bites of food, then climbed to a perch over the water dish where he waited for Leyla to finish her bath so he could have his turn.

Nin rushed to the food and stuffed his face until all the best goodies were gone, and then splashed around in the dish... and went back to eating afterwards.

Also, Rigby learned a lesson about flying when wet. Poor guy tried to fly back to his cage after his bath... and ended up doing a slow, sloppy spiral to the floor. He couldn't get the loft to get back on the cage, so I had to scoop him up, which he did not like too much.

Unrelated, but here is a photo of Nin and Leyla destroying things yesterday:

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