Saturday, April 2, 2011

Naptime, Dinner, and Kermit

I took the following photo a couple evenings ago. It was getting close to the fids' bedtime, and Leyla, Nin, and Chewy decided to settle down for the night on me. There's nothing quite like cuddletime with the flock!  
Nap/cuddle time with "the tame ones".

A photo of this evening's dinner: 
Avian Organics Quick Serve, sprout mix (a little overgrown), black sesame seeds, chopped veggies, papaya + seeds.
 We haven't had a papaya in months. Chopping it made me a little sad as papaya was a favourite food of my little lovie who was euthanized back in November. Kermit always gobbled down papaya like it was going out of style! He also loved blueberries!

Kermit had polyfolliculitis (like Leyla), which caused him to mutilate severely under his left wing. He eventually damaged so much skin that it would never be able to heal, so I had him put down. He wasn't "tame" persay, but he left a huge hole in my heart and I miss him so much. Maybe I will do a post with more photos of him some day.

Kermie wearing his collar, hanging out on the rope bridge.

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